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Credit Corp Group Limited


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Credit Corp is Australia's largest provider of responsible financial services operating in the credit-impaired consumer segment.

About Credit Corp

Credit Corp is Australia's largest provider of responsible financial services to the credit-impaired consumer segment. Credit Corp works with customers by adopting a flexible approach to agreeing affordable repayment plans and solutions. If you have received correspondence or a call from Credit Corp, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible. To find out more about managing your account please follow the below link to our customer site.

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Our Services

Credit Corp is a limited purpose business. By focusing on one segment we can deliver results efficiently and effectively.

Debt Sale

Debt sale is one of the most efficient means for dealing with credit arrears.

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Contingency &
Agency Services

Improve collections and reduce costs, providing increased cash flow and profitability.


Local Government Debt Recovery

LegalForce offers specialist recovery services to Australian local government and statutory bodies.


Hardship &
Insolvency Management

Full service hardship assessment and insolvency management and administration. 


Working at Credit Corp Group

 The success of our business is determined by the conversations between our staff and our customers each day.

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Our Brands

By adopting a responsible and sustainable approach to lending, Credit Corp is delivering superior alternatives in a market where choices are limited. 

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